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~ embrace

︎︎︎ research / concept / interviews / design / photography

Recipient of two RGD Student Award.

︎︎︎The Workhouse Award for Book Design     ︎︎︎Honourable Mention Goods & Services Award for Editorial Design


The Embrace Project is about celebrating women’s sexuality in all its diversity and complexity. It explores how storytelling and photography can be tools to help women feel sexually empowered.

It is time we shift the paradigms concerning how we address women’s sexuality and the fulfillment of our desires. This publication then aims to open up space for honest, unapologetic, and respectful discussions about how us women can reclaim our sexual agency. As our body is intrinsically linked to our sexual experiences, Embrace is also about creating a body-positive space to break the status quo of how we show the femme body.

This ongoing bilingual project is made possible by the relationship of trust that manages to settle, for a few hours, between the photographer and her subjects. It is important for the photographer to let each participant choose how their body is being photographed, and therefore, tell their story. The photographer wants to rethink the concept of the subject-object in order to make her subjects active in the creation process of her images.

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