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~ silence

A project about the insidious power of silence in relation to our collective mental health.
How do we communicate about a subject that is inherently unseen?
As silence takes many forms, this project explores this concept through different mediums and lenses. I came to the realization that taking space, disturbing space, and reclaiming space are important factors when wanting to break the shackles of societal scrutiny and stigma surrounding mental health issues. Pictured is a sample of the diverse outputs of this exploration. It is important to note that more important than the creative content were the conversations it facilitated.




Having been viewed as “one of the boys” for a big part of my life, I’ve noticed first hand the suffering that a lot of men go through regarding the handling and display of their emotions. Inspired by some of my closestfriends, I realized those conceptual photographs that aims to go beyond the facade to reveal hidden pain and vulnerability.


In university at the time, I could see everyday how mental health was disregarded and battled with. You could feel it in the air. I decided to create twelve “poster boxes” and display them all around the school grounds. They were made so people could answer the different prompts and discreetly leave their answers in the boxes.

Once I collected the boxes, I was overwhelmed with the amount of answers I had received in a short amount of time. Going through each of them, I was left with a heavy feeling. Two questions especially remained: How do we make our universities safer? What’s the price of performance?